An Investment in Technology is an Investment in Data

In this episode, our host sits down with Jordan Lawver to get his thoughts on disJointed and the problems facing decision-making in the built environment.

Jordan Lawver is the Director of Product Strategy and Innovation for Building Construction Technology at Trimble, responsible for the long-range vision and roadmap for the various cutting-edge products that Trimble brings to the construction site. Prior to this role, Jordan spent six years as head of the Trimble Field Construction AR/MR/VR business, overseeing the development, release, marketing, and sales for tools such as the Trimble XR10 with HoloLens 2, Trimble Connect AR/MR, and Trimble SiteVision. Prior to his work in extended reality, Jordan spent two years in Trimble’s Leadership Development Program, worked on NASA’s Mars Rover and LRO programs, and received engineering degrees in Computer Vision, Photogrammetry, and Surveying from The Ohio State University. Jordan lives in Denver, CO with his girlfriend, Lauren, and two wiener dogs, Coco and Ruby.

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