Great Teams Work with Full Transparency

In this episode, our host sits down with Meirav Oren to get her thoughts on disJointed and the problems facing decision-making in the built environment.

Jeff Sample, Join Industry Evangelist, and Meirav Oren, CEO and Co-Founder of Versatile, founded on the belief that construction can be as efficient and methodical as manufacturing – if the right insights are available. Oren highlights that great teams work with full transparency in the tech industry, mentioning the power that data holds in and of itself. Within the tech industry we take the data and use our own truth, making our own improvements and later deciding what part of the process we can actually improve on. Re-emphasizing that data is only as good as what you can do with it
In Oren’s own words, “over the years it has been incredible to watch what the industry is capable of and where we still have to go” for years to come. Whether it has to do with the willingness to use the data we collect or the trepidation, the fear around using it, we gain an insight on how to unlock the true potential of the industry as a whole, providing better products for our customers.

As CEO and co-founder of Versatile, Meirav is a visionary leader who brings passion,
collaboration, and a never-quit attitude to everything she does. Before co-founding
Versatile, she spent 10 years at Intel, spearheading BizOps and financial services, leading
international projects with multicultural teams. She leads the Tel Aviv chapter of the Society
for Construction Solutions (SCS). Under her leadership, Versatile became the first
construction technology firm named a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum.
Meirav holds multiple degrees, including an Executive MBA, LL.M, and a BA in Economics
& Management, and is a former Lieutenant of the Israeli Air Force.

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