New Roles In The Construction World

In today’s episode, we sit down with Damian Hamlin to discuss some of the new positions that are being unlocked in our world of construction.
Damian is the Southern Region’s Director of Integrated Design. And as he explains, his role represents the changes that are taking place in the way we are delivering construction projects, as well as what is driving this change and how it could be changing our industry forever.
Damian has a real passion for both design and construction, this new role gives him the chance to make a real impact on project delivery.
He also boasts nearly twenty years of experience within an integrated firm, enabling professionals to work in a more collaborative fashion.
But more than that, Damian has worked on a range of projects including Construction Manager at Risk, Hard Bid, Design-Build and design across many other industries such as, retail, federal government, sports and more!
Make sure to check it out!

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