It’s All About Trust and People

In this episode, our host sits down with Jim Gentile, Preconstruction Manager at Layton Construction, and Larry Lantero, Vice President at J.R. Abbott Construction Inc., to introduce disJointed and our host to the problems facing modern General Contractors in the built environment.

Jim Gentile is a Preconstruction manager at Layton Construction. He has dedicated his career to constructing the buildings where you work, learn, play, and heal. As a nationally ranked commercial contractor with proven experience in virtually every industry, Layton Construction is dedicated to delivering projects that define excellence.

Larry Lantero is the Vice President at J.R. Abbott Construction Inc. His focus is on Preconstruction in the diverse Southern California market, where he helps J.R. Abbott Construction develop the gold standard in project delivery. His focus relies on exceptional skills in managing projects and people.

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