You Can’t Manage a Construction Company with a Spreadsheet

In this week’s episode, we welcome Amanda Finnerty, Director of Internal Operations at Commodore Builders, as we dive into the strategies for data and analytics at modern general contractors. Amanda talks about the pressure general contractors feel to collect critical data, centralize it, and analyze it to reach their business goals. Strategically consolidating data into a small number of locations allows contractors to use analytics to cross-reference the data and harvest the necessary business performance insights. 


Long-established companies have software they’ve used forever and the resources to support it. Amanda emphasizes that newer contractors must focus on leveraging technology to ensure efficiency as much as possible. This allows smaller contractors to compete with the older, more established contractors while building their own companies on a data-centric platform. 


Smaller and medium size contractors need to manage spending and maximize employee focus on delivering projects. This requires them to maximize the return on efficiency and data for all of their technology purchases. While larger contractors can afford to use more systems to collect more significant amounts of data, that data can be useless without really good context. Smaller and medium-sized contractors that can analyze their data and place it into context are able to make business decisions to reduce risk and maximize profits. Check out this episode to learn how you can contextualize information from your data.

Guest Bio:

Amanda Finnerty, Director of Internal Operations, Commodore Builders
Amanda is hardwired for innovation. She’s continuously looking for a better, easier, more effective way to
do… everything. She’s on a life-long mission to eliminate steps, eradicate waste and make life better.
As the Director of Internal Operations for Commodore Builders, Amanda is responsible for the delivery of
consistent, streamlined systems that support the organization.
Over the course of her 20+ year career in the construction industry, Amanda has held diverse positions
, including facilities management, HR, marketing, business development, internal operations, and IT
Management. She works with teams to identify and eliminate bottlenecks. She can see the big picture –
but can count the clicks it takes to get there. Her strength is in assessing the needs of the enterprise and
implementing software solutions for maximum efficiency.
Amanda is passionate about recovery advocacy and helping women who are suffering from addiction.
Amanda is the co-founder of a recovery pod-cast called The Bubble Hour, which she co-hosted for 5 years.


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