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2022 Year in Review with Kristy McKnight!

On today’s episode of the disJointed podcast, we’ve brought in a very special guest to wrap up 2022!
Joining us today is Kristy McKnight from Procore. Kristy works in product management for the pre-construction division of Procore.

Damian Hamlin on the New Roles In The Construction World

In today’s episode, we sit down with Damian Hamlin to discuss some of the new positions that are being unlocked in our world of construction.
Damian is the Southern Region’s Director of Integrated Design. And as he explains, his role represents the changes that are taking place in the way we are delivering construction projects, as well as what is driving this change and how it could be changing our industry forever.
Damian has a real passion for both design and construction, this new role gives him the chance to make a real impact on project delivery.

You can’t manage a construction company with a spreadsheet

In this week’s episode, we welcome Amanda Finnerty, Director of Internal Operations at Commodore Builders, as we dive into the strategies for data and analytics at modern general contractors. Amanda talks about the pressure general contractors feel to collect critical data, centralize it, and analyze it to reach their business goals. Strategically consolidating data into a small number of locations allows contractors to use analytics to cross-reference the data and harvest the necessary business performance insights.

Focus on the Field

In this episode, we continue our special series with technology providers. Our host sits down with Julian Clayton to discuss disJointed.

Convergence is Happening

Our host sits down with Amy Marks to get her thoughts on disJointed and the problems facing decision-making in the built environment.

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